Artist Profiles

Artist Profiles 

Meet the artists of the Swanton Arts Council! Find out who they are and where their passion for art comes from. 
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 Robert Arpin: Raised in Swanton, Vermont, furniture designer Robert Arpin is a hard-wired environmentalist An embrace of technology compounded by a love of nature defines his work. 

Inspired by the theatrics of early 90's New York and overcome by an urge to nest, Mr. Arpin enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology's Interior Design program in 1994... Read More

Mike Barkyoumb  Mike Barkyoumb was raised in St. Albans and has been called a man of many talents. Mike works with wood making everything from nick-naks to a log cabin. His other passion is making music by playing percussion instruments with fellow band members and open mic at Bayside in St. Albans Bay....Read More

Kris Daignault

A native of Swanton, VT, always interested in all things creative. He attended the first Governor's Institute of the Art held at Lyndon State College Lyndon, VT in the early 1980's... Read More

Faith Perrino-DuBois

Faith perrino-DuBois has been an art rebel since the age of seven when a bloody hand gave away the use of the scissors she was expressly forbidden to take for making a carrot doll. Raised in a family of creatives, she was exposed to a gamut of artistic endeavors including needle and yarn work, music, beading, poetry and puppeteering as well as paper arts and a rather disappointing stint in wood engraving. She credits her mother, her sisters and artist Meta Strick as inspirations and mentors... Read More

Katie Foster

Katie Foster is a local artist who grew up in Swanton, Vermont. She studied art, digital media, and animation at Johnson State College, graduating in 2011 with her bachelor's degree.  

Out of school and unsure of what to pursue as a career, Katie devoted a lot of her time to honing her artistic skills by painting, drawing, and inking, as well as... Read More

Nancy Fuller 

I have been hooked on art since I could hold a crayon. I wanted an education in art, but that was vetoed by my high school guidance counselor because I was college bound. So I had to learn on my own.

I learned to draw from John Nagy's show on t.v. and hung all my work in my basement in the boiler room art gallery. Black and white photography and dark room skills .... Read More

Nicole Gadouas (Messier)

I am a native Vermonter that grew up on the back roads of Fairfield. I have always viewed the world with creative eyes. After graduating from BFA I studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Graphics. I went on to discover that my artistic expression was fueled by the curious energy of children. This love for kids, led me to teach preschool for many years. During the time I was teaching I was given many opportunities to paint children's murals... Read More

Sara J. Hayes

The “starving artist” was my first impression of being an artist. Deciding what to do in life, I chose to be a cosmetologist for the past 23 years, forming and molding hair styles with different textures and various colors. I decided to detour back into the arts, by attending the Community College of Vermont acquiring two associates degrees; one in the Arts and the second in Visual Arts. I have also enjoyed attending art workshops at the Burlington City Arts. I have enjoyed seven years of the Vermont State Parks Photography Internship. It has encouraged my interest in photography that has allowed me to expand my horizons... Read More

Mikaela Magnant

Mikaela Magnant, the Swanton Arts Council intern, is currently a senior at Missisquoi Valley Union High School in Swanton, Vermont. Growing up in Franklin, Mikaela has always had an interest in the arts through studio art as well as music. She plays the flute and has taken multiple art courses at MVU. Presently, she is the Vice President of the new National Arts Honor Society at the school. Her media of choice are pencil, acrylic paints, and watercolors. She is planning to attend college in the fall of 2016 for a degree in communications and journalism.

Olivia McGovern is currently a senior at Missisquoi Valley Union High School in Swanton, Vermont. She has always had a passion for art. She enjoys oil pastel, acrylic paint, pencil, and pen and ink. She is a Swanton Arts Council intern, and a representative in her school’s National Art Honor Society. For the past four years she has painted a bench that has been auctioned off at the annual Make-A-Wish banquet in St. Albans. She is planning to attend University in the fall of 2016 majoring in marketing and fine arts. 

Anita Michele

Anita Michele of Swanton, Vermont is a founding member of the Swanton Arts Council and studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Johnson State College. In 2006, Anita graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts degree. She has also completed workshops at Art New England, Bennington College, Vermont for the past two summers studying painting under Tim Hawkesworth and Lala Zeitlyn... Read More

Judy Paxman

I am fascinated with making things and the process of creating - but have had almost no formal art training. However, being a serial volunteer, and lacking the ability to say "no" has sucked me into the art would and required me to learn face painting, prop making, costuming, alterations and a host of other fun things that usually involve either duct tape or a glue gun... Read More

Pamela Pouliot
The author grew on a small dairy farm in Jericho, Vermont. Her family, on both the Davis & Stygles sides have lived in this town for many generations. The Davis farm, to this day, is still owned and operated by her family. Her roots run deep here.

She attended Mount Mansfield Union High School, after graduation she went on to the Vermont College of Cosmetology. She has spent the last 40 years as a cosmetologist, 32 of those in the same town that she raised her family in.... Read More

Joanne Parah Reiter

Joanne Parah Reiter is a Swanton resident and has an  Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, and Business from Community College of Vermont, and is currently studying for her bachelors in Integrated Studies at Champlain College. Her medium of choice is glass mosaics with the use of beads, and sometimes up-cycled materials.

Almost 25 years ago, I had an interest in stained glass. I never had the time or opportunity to try it until a few years ago.
Read More

Scott Rheaume

My name is Scott Rheaume and as an artist, I am inspired by the world around me. By people, places and things. I guess you could say life in general fascinates me.

I don't hold myself to one medium. I like to draw, paint, sculpt, do photography, write poetry, make music and biuld cigar box guitars. I am a visual and audio artist that follows my head and my heart... Read More

Marie Speer
Marie is a Swanton resident and has an Associates degree in Liberal Studies. Her medium of choice is barn quilts using exterior latex paint. 
I was introduced to Barn Quilts when the Swanton Arts Council held a Barn Quilt Challenge.  I thought it would be great fun and a tribute to my mother who was a fabric quilter.    

I use exterior latex house paint because the end result ... Read More

Jon Young

Jon was born and raised in Swanton, Vermont.  He studied illustration at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and oil painting at Johnson State College.  

Since 2000, he has been the product and technical advisor for HK Holbein Artist Materials in Williston, Vermont.  In 2008, Jon was one of three North American artists featured for Holbein Japan’s launch of their water soluble oil paint line “DUO.”  Two of his landscape paintings... Read More