Marie Speer

Marie is a Swanton resident and has an Associates degree in Liberal Studies. Her medium of choice is barn quilts using exterior latex paint. 
I was introduced to Barn Quilts when the Swanton Arts Council held a Barn Quilt Challenge.
I thought it would be great fun and a tribute to my mother who was a fabric quilter. 

I use exterior latex house paint because the end result has to withstand the weather.  I am inspired by the quilts my mother used to make and the many barn quilt patterns I have seen both in person and on line. 

I was encouraged to share my art with others by my coworkers who loved the barn quilts I had made and wanted to make their own at a Paint and Sip party.
I have been having Barn Quilt Paint and Sips ever since. 

My quilts and those of my many ‘students’ can be seen on my facebook page:
                                                            Marie’s Barn Quilts

Examples of Marie's barn quilts