Special Items Needed for Pinwheel Display:

  • Poster Board (colored is best, but any is helpful!)
  • Metal Coat Hangers
  • Acrylic Craft or Artist Paint
  • Permanent Markers - any color or size
  • Tacky Glue
  • 1/2" PVC Pipe
  • Old Political Lawn Signs

Art Supplies and Craft Items Needed!
Please consider donating your unused craft supplies to the
Swanton Arts Council. 
Donated items will be shared in our Makerspace, used for community art projects
and shared with the art community of Swanton.
All arts and craft supplies are welcome!  A drop off box is being placed at the Swanton Public Library for your donations.  If you have a larger donation, please contact to arrange a pick up.
We are looking for:
·         Paint – all types of artist or craft paint accepted
·         Unopened cans of spray paint
·         crayons, colored pencils (in any condition)
·         paint brushes (all types)
·         craft sticks / popsicle sticks / skewers
·         Glue guns, glue sticks, craft glue of all types
·         Scotch tape, duct tape, packaging tape, washi tape – tape of any kind!
·         Paper cutters / Craft punches / scissors and craft cutting tools
·         Markers (even the dried out ones can be used!)
·         Gel pens, pens and pencils
·         Large poster paper (plain and colored, neon, etc.)
·         PVC pipes (1 ½”  diameter or smaller)
·         Cardboard tubes (all sizes needed – especially toilet paper tubes!)
·         Lawn stakes
·         vinyl/plastic sheeting
·         plastic file folders of all prints (and plain/clear as well)
·         plastic tubes for attaching pinwheel to posts
·         screws, nails, metal washers and bolts/nuts (any size)
·         nail polish
·         ½ gallon plastic milk jugs (cleaned please!)
·         Bottle caps of any type
·         Felt squares, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glitter
·         Scrapbooking supplies
·         Beads, jewelry making supplies
·         Wire, fishing line, plastic string
·         Yarn, embroidery floss, jute
·         Pliers, staple guns, staples and small hand tools
·         And more!

Questions on other items to donate?

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