Joanne Parah Reiter

Joanne Parah Reiter is a Swanton resident and has an  Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, and Business from Community College of Vermont, and is currently studying for her bachelors in Integrated Studies at Champlain College. Her medium of choice is glass mosaics with the use of beads, and sometimes up-cycled materials.

Almost 25 years ago, I had an interest in stained glass. I never had the time or opportunity to try it until a few years ago. I really enjoyed it, then I attended a day-long mosaics class. The various shards of colored and textured glass combined with the nearly endless creative possibilities resonated with me. It is like making a puzzle by scratch. When I work on a piece, it’s easy to forget about everything else and just be in the moment watching the piece take shape. I get inspired when I see richly colored glass, especially textures, and sometimes I will look at a second hand items in a thrift store that appear to be a blank canvas waiting for new life, such as old photo frames, mirrors or even tables. My goal is to keep creating what I want. When I retire in several years, I hope to devote more time to this, teach mosaics, display items in a local art settings and sell my art to supplement my retirement income.