Katie Foster

Katie Foster is a local artist who grew up in Swanton, Vermont. She studied art, digital media, and animation at Johnson State College, graduating in 2011 with her bachelor's degree.  

Out of school and unsure of what to pursue as a career, Katie devoted a lot of her time to honing her artistic skills by painting, drawing, and inking, as well as creating short animated videos using computer software. Katie later joined the Swanton Arts Council after witnessing its creation and wanting to be part of a local art community again. This has allowed her numerous opportunities, as she now has met and befriended fellow creatives in her area who are supportive and passionate.

Katie now hopes to start a creative business of her own, utilizing her skills in animation and digital media. She would also love to continue pursuing her personal art endeavors and display her artwork in places in her community and beyond.  Katie's artistic subject matter tends to focus on invoking feelings or creating emotion.  Humor -- often dark or dry -- tend to overlay a lot of her work.  She also enjoys photo manipulation and photography as well.  

Looking toward the future, Katie intends to continue being open-minded to learning and using new artistic media, including audio and music, which she includes in her animated content. She wants to expand her experience with video and film, and use these to further her business repertoire as well as assist her in community and Art Council projects.