Nancy Fuller

I have been hooked on art since I could hold a crayon. I wanted an education in art, but that was vetoed by my high school guidance counselor because I was college bound. So I had to learn on my own.

I learned to draw from John Nagy's show on t.v. and hung all my work in my basement in the boiler room art gallery. Black and white photography and dark room skills were taught to me by a high school friend, and painting skills were picked up from a college friend who became a professional artist.

My medium of choice is still photography, though I now use mostly color. Black and white lost its thrill for me without the darkroom experience. I use my photographs as subjects for paintings in oil, acrylic or pen & ink with a watercolor wash.

Another medium I enjoy is wood-burning combined with painting on old wooden furniture and other found objects.

What interest me is mainly awesome stuff in nature, the interplay of light and shadow, patterns and reflections. I present things in a way you may not have seen them before, that brings out the extraordinary in the ordinary.  
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