Judy Paxman

I am fascinated with making things and the process of creating - but have had almost no formal art training. However, being a serial volunteer and lacking the ability to say "no" has sucked me into the art world and required me to learn face painting, prop making, costuming, alterations and a host of other fun things that usually involve either duct tape or a glue gun. 
Being overly frugal, but wanting to try several types of crafts, I turned to using recycled materials to practice different techniques without having to spend a fortune on supplies. After I gained a little experience (7 years on the Festival Committee, 9 MVU Musicals and many other community events) I realized that substitutes for most craft supplies can be found in a recycle bucket.  Bottle caps, plastic bottles, paper tubes, plastic bags and anything made of fabric are my toys. 

I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of Franklin County's best artists over the years. I have witnessed artistic genius in directing, acting, sewing, singing, drawing, painting, baking, mixed media, set design and more. These people are so talented you just want to be around them, hoping some of their skills will rub off. Because I felt that everyone should be able to experience the amazing talent of the artists in our community first-hand I joined with Kris Daignault, Anita Michele Parah, and Rebecca Rupp to form the Swanton Arts Council.  

My artist buddies insist that the stuff I make is "art" and since they are all geniuses it's hard to not believe them. What I call doodling they call "Zentangle"; my recycled projects are hailed as "upcycling" and some are actually jealous of my bottle cap collection.  Being asked to share and teach the things I make has given me some of the most wonderful (and frightening) experiences in my life.