Faith Perrino-DuBois

Faith Perrino-DuBois has been an art rebel since the age of seven when a bloody hand gave away the use of the scissors she was expressly forbidden to take for making a carrot doll.  Raised in a family of creatives, she was exposed to a gamut of artistic endeavors including needle and yarn work, music, beading, poetry and puppeteering as well as paper arts and a rather disappointing stint in wood engraving.  She credits her mother, her sisters and artist Meta Strick as inspirations and mentors. 

It is Faith's passionate belief that everyone has creative ability and connecting to it is one of life's greatest joys. It is her goal to share this idea with the world one person at a time. She currently feeds her soul with art journaling, collage and upcycled jewelry, for which she received national recognition in the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Faith lives in Swanton, VT with her musician husband, daredevil son and two lively black labs.
Examples of Faith's art