Scott Rheaume

My name is Scott Rheaume and as an artist I am inspired by the world around me. By people, places and things. I guess you could say life in general fascinates me.
I don't hold myself to one medium. I like to draw, paint, sculpt, do photography, write poetry, make music and build cigar box guitars. I am a visual and audio artist that follows my head and my heart. 

Seeing local artists doing what they love and purchasing my home in 2011 with a work space to create brought me back to a place I had somewhat forgotten about while I was busy living life. The place of expressing myself without limits or boundaries.
My advise for anyone interested in art is to remember there are no rules. Don't worry about the nay-sayers or those trying to tell you how its done. Pave your own path and do what makes you happy. Putting smiles on peoples faces with something I've created in my own way is what I love and a big part of my inspiration.

Find out more about Scott's cigar box guitars at Missisquoi Delta Guitars

Examples of Scott's Art