About Us

The Swanton Arts Council was formed in February 2015 with the goal of establishing an artistic presence and developing the artistic community in Swanton. 

Officers and Board Members (with contact information)

President: Scott Rheaume srheaume@swantonartscouncil.org
Vice PresidentNicole Gadouas: liquid_colors@yahoo.com
TreasurerMarie Speer: mspeer@swantonartscouncil.org
Secretary: Tom Benton tbenton@swantonartscouncil.org
Board Members:
Michael Barkyoumb: m_barkyoumb@yahoo.com
Darci Benoit: darcibenoit@yahoo.com
Heather Buczkowski:vtdarrski@gmail.com
Katie Foster: k.foster@swantonartscouncil.org
Sara Hayes: shayes@swantonartscouncil.org
Joanne Reiter: joannereiter@comcast.net
David Winchester: winchesterdesign@myfairpoint.net

Executive Director
Judy Paxman: jpaxman@swantonartscouncil.org

Governing Body: 
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Physical Assets