About Us

The Swanton Arts Council was formed in February 2015 with the goal of establishing an artistic presence and developing the artistic community in Swanton. 

President: Joanne Parah Reiter -  joanne@swantonartscouncil.org 
Vice President: Heather Buczkowski -  vtdarrski@gmail.com
Treasurer: Michelle Nordberg - mnordberg@swantonartscouncil.org
Secretary: Rebecca Fagga rfagga@swantonartscouncil.org
Board Members:
Michael Barkyoumb -  m_barkyoumb@yahoo.com
Cyl Connelly -  cconnelly@swantonartscouncil.org
Hilarie SR - hsr@swantonartscouncil.org
Janet Dimick Soavi -  jsoavi@swantonartscouncil.org
David Winchester: winchesterdesign@comcast.net
Joe Wolske: navyjoe22@yahoo.com