About Us

The Swanton Arts Council was formed in February 2015 with the goal of establishing an artistic presence and developing the artistic community in Swanton. 

President: Scott Rheaume srheaume@swantonartscouncil.org
Vice President: Nicole Gadouas liquid_colors@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Marie Speer mspeer@swantonartscouncil.org
Secretary: Tom Benton tbenton@swantonartscouncil.org
Board Members
Michael Barkyoumb: m_barkyoumb@yahoo.com
Darci Benoit: darcibenoit@yahoo.com
Heather Buczkowski:vtdarrski@gmail.com
Katie Foster: k.foster@swantonartscouncil.org
Scott Aaron Martell: (email to be added soon)
David Winchester: winchesterdesign@myfairpoint.net
Joe Wolske: (email to be added soon)

Executive Director
Judy Paxman: jpaxman@swantonartscouncil.org

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Governing Body: 
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Physical Assets