SAC Physical Assets

The following items are located in the SAC storage unit located at
Attic Storage, 76 Middle Road, Swanton, VT 05488

  • (9) mobile folding art walls with hardware (nails, tacks, etc.)
  • Display cubes and stands
  • Guest book/Comment book sign in stand
  • SAC event logo board
  • Art Show event board
  • donated painting (to be sold)
  • white cloths for art show use
  • 6 rolls of white fabric (filter paper)
  • plastic tarp
  • roller with extension arm and tray
  • box of green aprons
  • PVC tubing and cuffs
  • paper goods (plates, napkins, cups)
  • (3) chalk board publicity event signs
  • Bin of Christmas lights in assorted colors