2017 Spring Craft Show

Swanton Arts Council
Spring Craft Show

Heather Buczkowski, Project Lead

This was our first spring craft show and our 3rd artisan only craft show (the other 2 were in November). The Swanton Arts councils craft shows are different from your average "craft show" because we only have artisans. Each table offers uniquely handcrafted items or locally grown foods that are sold by their maker. It is a chance for artisans to share their passion and even demonstrate a technique or two. We had 23 locals sharing their craft. We also had a culinary artist donate baked goods.

This was a fundraiser but also a way to showcase the artisans. I wanted them to have an opportunity to share their love of creativity with our community. We were able to do a live video on our (SAC) Facebook page where we took the camera around and gave everyone a chance to share their product with our audience. We had a lot of fun and it was a great success.

I am the lead in the committee but I could not have done it without my friends Darci Benoit and Carrie Beauregaurd who supported me through the process.

I was very fortunate to have many other friends offering their support.

Constructed signs: David Winchester
Manager of the kitchen (selling baked goods/soup/coffee):Sue Tanner
Soup makers: Patty Rainville, Marie Speers, Julie Bittner, and Amy Fremeau
Donated coffee: Ste Marie's
Donated baked goods: Nicole Draper, Mary Wood, Jen Kerch
Donated the building: Rob Spainhour/Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Loaned extra tables: Swanton library, Jodie Schuster
Donated maple Basket for Facebook "share and win" raffle: Carman Brook Farm
And more!

Unique crafters:
Tom Gibson, Jen Kerch, Mike Barkyoumb, Sara Hayes, Josephine Maskell,
Brian Bedard,Christina Forcier, Amanda Gervais, Scott Rheume, Darci Benoit, Nancy Fuller, Karen Fortin, Joan Whitsell, Carrie&Rob Beauregaurd, Ember Boyle, Lindsey Perry, Nikki Mayhue, Lindsay Didio, Jami Elsaid, Andrea Lyon, Jessica Deniz and Evan Marchant.