Swanee 2: Apprentice of Vengeance

Judy Paxman, Project Lead for Northwest Nightmares Entry
Katie Foster, Project Lead for Editing and Production


Judy Paxman

Katie Foster

Screenplay Creation Team
Katie Foster
Ashley Fraser
Nancy Fuller
Evan Metayer
Anita Michele Parah
Judy Paxman

Edited by
Katie Foster
Heather Buczkowski
Evan Metayer

Filmed by
Katie Foster
Heather Buczkowski

Detective Ranger: Brian Savage
 Mal Ignant: Romeo Cranstonic
Kurt Meddlesome: Tom Benton
Clem (Unlikely Hero #1): Scott Rheaume
Madge (Unlikely Hero #2): Anita Michele Parah
Gretchen (Unlikely Hero #3): Kai Jamil
Escaping Child: Bridget Pearl-LeClair
Wanna: Kinley Gaudette
Beheaded Child: Darakah Mathieu
 Groaning Child: Amelia Benoit
 Battered Child: Jayden Nappi-Thompson
 Reuben: Jakob Nappi-Thompson
 Cool Dude: Justin Nappi-Thompson
 Clueless Babysitter: Liliauna Nappi-Thompson
 Little Peanut: Sydney Gaudette
 Sleeping Council: Rod Russin
 Angry Council: Beth Greenia
Nervous Council: Elisabeth Nance
Secretary of the Council: Rebecca Rupp
President of the Council: Hank Lambert
Emotional Council: Betsy Fournier
Texting Council: Lisa Gorton
Camera Gal: Sara Hayes
Farmer/EMT: David Winchester
Wanna’s Mom: Abigael Gaudette
Sobbing Mom: Tamara Mathieu
Snarky Citizen: Deirdre Raleigh
Paisley Bottoms: Katie Foster

Swanton Citizens / Crowd / Extras
Hilary Devarney
Sonia Devarney
Eric Gaudette
Sydney Gaudette
Beth Greenia
Sara Hayes
Kathleen Hoffman
Hank Lambert
Tamara Mathieu
Elisabeth Nance
Adam Paxman
Deirdre Raleigh
Scott Rheaume

Jar Kids
Elias Gadouas
Reuben Gadouas
Savannah Partlow

Sound Design
Evan Metayer
Tom Benton
Katie Foster
Judy Paxman

Costumes, Props, Special Effects and Off Camera Assistants
Darci Benoit
Romeo Cranstonic
Sue Dewey
Nicole Gadouas
Abigael Gaudette
Kathleen Hoffman
Tamara Mathieu
Evan Metayer
Nicole Nappi
Joanne Parah Reiter
Marie Speer
David Winchester

Special Thanks to:
Village of Swanton Employees
Swanton Teen Center
Swanton Public Library
Northwest Access TV
My-T-Fine II Restaurant
The Traveled Cup
Swanton Memorial United Methodist Church
Our Supportive Family and Friends

Written by
Judy Paxman