Extension Thursday

Swanton School Extension's Thursdays

Artists: Nicole Gadouas, project leader
Anita Michele Parah, prep and assistant

Spring 2017 January-May

I was contacted by the Swanton Elementary School principal to be part of this new pilot program called "Extension Thursdays". The idea behind this is that one grade level each Thursday will have some extended/enrichment learning from 12-3. The following groups signed up to donate their time to this program, Wildlife Refuge, Swanton Library, RiseVT, Swanton public safety sectors, and Zumba Instructors. I represented the Swanton Arts Council. I had to researched what kind of art project could be executed in 20-30 minute increments, with children ranging from grades k-4th. Each session on average had 5 groups with 15-20 children. I decided on the project Batik painted flags. The focus was the practice using primary colors to make secondary colors, while showing the kids how to use paint resist techniques with materials such as masking tape and white crayons. The flags were presented to each group of children and they were shown the resistant techniques offered. Cups of primary tempera paint, brushes, and palettes were given to each child to freely choose what they wanted to create on their flags. In grades 1st and K I decided  to omit the paint in due to limited time clean up between each group of students.  Instead I offered paint daubers which brought a whole new level of possibilities to the project while solving my clean up time issues. All the remainder materials were donated to the art teacher.