Craft Sale Tips

How to Have a Great Craft Show Discussion, held on March 31, 2019
Project Leader: Karen Fortin

We watched a lovely video and talked about craft shows. Here is a summary of “How to have a great craft show table”:

  • Spotlight one type of product (jewelry, sewing, knit etc.)
  • If you add a second type of product be sure they complement each other. Example: jewelry and jewelry boxes.
  • Engage with the public
    • eye contact, talk, smile etc.
    • avoid looking down at your phone, etc. 
    • interact with customers by explaining how you crafted your product. They want a handmade product, they are investing in you and your story.
  • offer different price points ($5 and up).
  • If your products are higher end items, try to offer a few low-cost items at your table.
  • Leave room for volume discounts 
    • buy in bulk and get a discount or something free
    • have a “best price”(lowest price)
  • Your table should look full but not overwhelming
    • excessive surplus of same items can be stored below table
    • have products at varying heights(using stands/wood crates etc.)
  • this is an opportunity to test your market! See what people want and hone in on products that sells best.
  • How do you sell your products outside of the craft show? 
    • Bring business cards! 
    • Or better yet, get their info and follow up! 
  • Craft shows can be a good way to network with other artists. If you have time, go around and see what works for other vendors. A great opportunity to learn and grow.