Armageddon Gold

Armageddon Gold - a community movie
Project Lead = Emmet Mathieu

Armageddon Gold is a fun and exciting tale, set twenty years after an apocalypse brought on by total economic collapse. It’s inspiration was the pitfalls of apathetic consumerism and how the behavior of the human race would evolve if the comforts we enjoy today were suddenly taken from us. 

The film is strictly for fun and to bring the local community together. All participants must be volunteer as this film is not for profit. I wrote the script a while back, on a whim, and it flowed beautifully and became something very near and dear to me. I later took it to the Swanton Arts Council where I found support for the project and a desire to involve as many people in the local arts community to make this as fun as possible! This will be my first feature length film (run time of at least 40 minutes) and hopefully the doorway to many more. 

Below is a list of things still needed for the film including a prop list, list of needed filming locations, and character descriptions that could help in finding the right actors for the part. All suggestions and support welcome, we need people of all backgrounds and talents, just get involved! Art is so much more fun when shared with other artists. 
Reach out to me personally at with any questions. Thank you! Emmet Mathieu, Director 

Props list: 
Note: I have been as specific as possible with the props as they appear in the film. Non exact items will still be accepted. 

  • Worn vest 
  • Worn jeans 
  • Rusty eye hooks 
  • Large metal sewing thread spool 
  • Worn leather pants 
  • Old work boots 
  • Old MP3 player 
  • Cheap earbuds (that work but can be destroyed) 
  • Worn baseball cap 
  • Tattered sheet 
  • Old windproof lighter 
  • Tattered youth sized shirt/pants 
  • Suspenders 
  • Various “trash” items to fill backpacks, rooms, and other sets. Things that people surviving an apocalypse might hang on to. 
  • Two worn out backpacks 
  • Junk car that still runs and drives. Maybe demo leftovers, or something on its way to a scrap yard. Just has to move under its own power. 
  • Empty vodka bottles 
  • Military tent 
Film locations list: 

  • Murky pond/slow moving river 
  • Roads/paths on private land 
  • Clearing or potential clearing in a secluded area of woods 
  • Run down garage that can be used as home base for a character 
  • Any overgrown land, especially with abandoned structures 
Character descriptions and role requirements: 

  • Rome: Male. 18-25. Athletic build. Able to swim. Willing to kiss (a female co star) on screen. In shape and able to learn and execute fight choreography. 
  • Man 1: Male. Shirtless on screen. In shape. Able to learn and execute fight choreography. Willing to sing, doesn’t have to be good at singing. 
  • The Driver: Female. In shape. Able to operate a motor vehicle. Able to learn and execute fight choreography. 
  • Prada: Female. 18-25. Willing to kiss (male co star) on screen. 
  • Boy 2: Male. 12-16. In shape, able to learn and execute fight choreography. 
  • Boy: Male. Around 18. Able to operate a motor vehicle. 
  • Girlfriend: Female. Around 18. 
  • Family of Boy: No requirements, multiple parts


Armageddon Gold began as an inside joke that quickly sparked inspiration, leading me to write a script I loved so much, there was nothing to do but make it a reality. I hope it becomes a rally point for artistic people in the community. I would like to see it ignite a desire in people for future community art projects. Armageddon Gold will be my biggest step yet into the world of filmmaking. I hope this film will give our local community, and anyone else who sees it, something worth watching.