2016 Holiday Art and Craft Show

Holiday Art / Craft Show / Fair 2016
Heather Buczkowski, project leader
Organized by Heather Buczkowski, Darci Benoit, Carrie Beauregard, Janie Gregory

·         25+ artists/vendors
·         Wonderful traffic
·         Great advertisement
·         Unique handmade items
·         Good variety
·         Lunch was well received
·         Spaces were taped off
·         Setup on Friday and Saturday

·         More signage, durable sandwich board?
·         Sign on the door
·         To-go cups for coffee and take out for soup, S&P shakers
·         Helpers to lift/carry
·         Know who is setting up when
·         2 week registration for SAC members before open to public

Donated Space: Holy Trinity, Father Rob Spainhour
Donated Coffee: Ste. Marie’s Market
Donated Soup: Mary Wood, Darci Benoit, Marie Ledoux Speer, Julie Bittner, Janie Gregory
Signs: Nicole Draper, Sara Hayes, BJ Benoit
Table layout: Darci Benoit, Heather Buczkowski
Extra tables: Jodie Schuster
Kitchen Support: Susan Fox Tanner
Saturday set up: F Perrino DuBois

Our Fabulous Handmade Vendors: Amy Giroux, Darci Benoit, Whitney and Jill Farnsworth, Josephine Yoe Maskell, Stacey Gould, Diane Louis, Jodie Schuster, Sara Hayes, Carrie & Robert Beauregard, Celtic Riley, Barbara Langevin, Lindsay Marie, Christina Michele Forcier, Felicia Cota, Nicole Nappi, Shelli Nappi, Alison Nappi, Patti Rainville, Lyndia Phelps, Lindsey Perry, Ember Foster Boyle, Kalie Oakes Severy, Grace Kinney, Joan Whitesell, Janie Gregory-Hilliker, and Dawn Boulrice.

We raised $700.51 for the SAC